"The COVER KINGS" Featuring The Most Interesting Cover Band ... Ever.

"COVER ME" - Fall in Love With Your Favorite Songs - All Over Again. A Positive Music Reality SHOW that demonstrates how by combining Great Music, New Technology and a Ton of Talent - You can make something Truly Magical. A Reality show featuring Classic Pop Songs that have a "Magical Element" to them. The The Cover Kings will bring that "Magic" forth in order to inspire other types of Visual arts to buld upon it. (Film Makers, Dancers, Graphic Artists)

Great Look, Great Sound, Great Songs.
A New Kind Of "Pop Band"... Take a Look
* 5 Decades of Vocal Prowess in One Musical Body *
"The Ultimate ShowBand Experience"
One Great Band - Four Great Shows!

We have Reinvented the "Show Band" by Combining the Best Las Vegas Talent with Cutting Edge Sound, Choreography, Dancers, Costumes and the Coolest Songs from Each Decade! There Has Never been a Event Show Quite Like it!

The Greatest Pop and Rock Classics are rolled into several different Era / Theme Sets, each one designed for Maximum Visual and Audio Impact! A Real Corporate Entertainment Event! Top

Direct from the Entertainment Capital of the World! See Website

"Helping The Small Business Voice get Heard - Loudly..."
"The Pied Pipers of Advertising"
STICKY SOUNDS Combine the “Simple Melodic Hook” Method of Pop-Song Arranging with an Emphasis on the Edgy and Hypnotic. Instead of the customary Passive Backgrounds - We Create Melody and Rhythm Hooks to Engage and Hold Your Listeners on a more Subconscious Level. STICKY SOUNDS Incorporates Thick Groove Technology Into the Acoustic Instrument Realm to form an Organic Audio HYBRID. (The Most Powerful 60 Seconds you can Imagine) Top
BEATLES Tribute - DisneyWorld (Go to Web Page)

Want More Customers for your Retail Store or Service?
Smart Marketing Starts in Your Own Backyard!
Here's The Breakdown. You have a Business. You have a Business Location. You have a Neighborhood where that business is located. You provide a service or product/s that's truly valuable to the right people... Great, Now how do THEY find YOU? Top

The Ultimate Marketing and Branding Tool.


The Facts and Stats on Mobile Outdoor Advertising...

  • Outdoor Media Reaches 96% Percent of US Consumers.
  • Some 150 Million Americans Commute Every Business Day.
  • The Average American Travels 15,000 Milers Per Year.
  • The Average Truckside AD Reach (DEC) is 50,000 per day.
  • The Average CPM Rate for Truckside Ads is around $1.20!
  • According to the ATA - The Average Delivery Truck Makes 16 Mil. Impressions a Year.
Business and Real Estate Videos for Web Dominance... Top

Get "Them" to Notice You and Earn their Respect - The Easy Way.

"Catchy Business Hooks to Get Your Business the Attention it Deserves"

Use your CyberHooks and Sticky Sounds in all Marketing Promotions including…Business Cards, Brochures, Classified Ads, Flyers, Newspaper and Magazine Promotions, Product or Service Slogans, Product or Service Descriptions, Catalogs, Pamphlets, Press Releases, Classified Ads, Sales Letters, Radio and TV Commercials, Video Infomercials, Audio Scripts, Web Pages, E-mails, E-zine & Magazine Articles, Newsletters, URL Descriptions, Meta-tag Keywords or Descriptions, Banner Ads, etc…

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