Gigland Biz Plan - Part #1 (Overview and Goals)

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The Ultimate "Pop Band" Creation...
The Purpose and Goal of the Gigland Plan is to Create a Modern Pop/Alternative Rock Band that is Built around Great Songs and a Deeper Musical Prowess than Normally found in Pop Bands.

Hello Fellow Music Maker...

I am creating a New Kind” of Modern Pop/Alternative Rock Band. There is nothing like it on the Music Scene.
It will be built around Great Songs and a Deeper Musical Prowess than Normally found in Pop Bands.
The Main Elements of this Super Band will be - Powerful Musicianship and Masterful Vocals missing in current Acts.
I am seeking Collaborators and Partners at all Professional Levels in this Enterprise.

When Finished this is what this Project will look like…

• The “Ultimate Pop/Alternative/Rock Band”. A Musical Caliber to match most “Player Bands”.
m(eg. Dave Mathews Band, the Police, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Journey, Queen)
Strong Live Performances featuring Musical Prowess
and an Amazing New Sound
• Over 500 Unpublished Songs to Choose From. (Mine) 500 more from various other songwriters.
“Say Something” Songs with lyrical clarity, depth and strong themes. Better Songs make for better gigs & videos.
Cutting Edge Recording Techniques - starting with a mix of Loops, Electronic and live drums.
Videos with Viral Possibilities stamped all over them. (eg. Jonas Brothers, Sledgehammer, etc…)
• Our Secret Weapon will be Powerful Cover Song Arrangements to supplement our Originals.

The "Success Formula" we will follow is the same one created by the Monkees and all the 80's 90's Boy/Girl bands to follow.
Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Westlife, Spice Girls etc.. These "Created Acts" have Sold over 800 Million Albums and toured the Entire planet to Sold Out crowds for years. (Note: In fact, Most of thier Income was made through Touring, As ours will be.)

The CRUX of our Plan will be a Systematic Approach to Talent Formulation built around "Powerful SONGS and VIDEOS" Now that Video Distribution is FREE (No more TV Networks to PAY) and Song Distribution is FREE (No more Record Stores or Labels to PAY) We can get the Product IMMEDIATELY in front of a MASS Audience.

As part of the Gigland Plan, We will create TWO Bands. The First will consist of FIVE Guys. All Five will possess Lead Vocal ability as well a thorough knowledge on their respective Instrument. One Singer of the Group will be the strongest FRONT MAN but all five will be featured and have a turn. The option we are striving for is to have them Competent on a couple instruments for this purpose. Samples Acts are Duran Duran, INXS and U2. Top

The other "B" (Recording) Band examples we have in mind are "Mixed Gender" Acts such as Fleetwood Mac, ABBA, Talking Heads, X, Blondie, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Black Eyed Peas, The Weepies etc...) With the Main Focus on the Female Vocalist (Interchangable) with much vocal harmony from the B Band. This Supporting "B" Band will be more Faceless as thier main role is to play on the recordings and back the Featured Singer.

10 Formula Bands - (Most Followed The "Beatles" Template of Style and Personailty) See Boy Band Overview | Sales

  1. The Monkees (Created by Robert "Bob" Rafelson and Bert Schneider - Sold 65 Million Records World Wide)
  2. Jackson 5 (Created and Managed by Father - Sold 100 Million Albums)
  3. The Osmonds (Created and Managed by Parents)
  4. New Edition (Created in Boston) Boyz II Men (Was inspierd By)
  5. New Kids on the Block (Created in Boston)
  6. Backstreet Boys (Created in New York)
  7. N'Sync (Created in Orlando)
  8. Westlife (Created in Ireland)
  9. Spice Girls (Created in UK) | Girls Aloud (Created for UK Realty Show) Top
  10. Five (Created in UK) | Take That (UK Vocal Phenomenon - See Concert Sales)

All of the above Acts have succeded on A Colossal Scale. Compared to the nearly 100,000 plus Albums released every year just in the USA, these Formula Acts have an Amazing track record of Huge Payback for the Investment. (NOTE: In 2008, More than 115,000 albums were released, but only 110 sold more than 250,000 copies, a mere 1,500 topped 10,000 sales, and fewer than 6,000 cracked the 1,000 barrier.)

The Fact is - Three of the Modern "Pop" Phenomenons - "Hannah Montana", "Jonas Brothers" and the "High School Musical" Series are Disney Properties.

The Two Most Popular American Shows are "American Idol" and "Dancin with the Stars" - The Most Popular Movies are "Twilight and New Moon" (Broke all Records for Recent Movie Sales)

The Music Industry as a Whole as has very few successes to show in the last few years - "Artist Developement" has given way to simple Distribution Deals made only after the Artist/Band has spent years in the trenches. Songwritng Skills have for a long time taken a back seat to a Band Sound or Look and Touring is now so Expensive few Labels support it and even most Arena Acts have given up even trying. (eg Guns-n-Roses, David Lee Roth) Top

Guidelines and Techniques To Be Followed -

Superior Songwriting (500 Gigland Original Songs = 100 Hits) See Top 100 Classic Songs | Top Selling Artists (Song Driven)
Cutting Edge Production (Loops, V-Drums, Vocal Layers, Synth Guitars, Hear Samples )
Performance Strength (Musicianship, Youth, Energy, Group Choreography, Background Screens, Retro Guitars, Retro Clothes)
Music Videos Popularity thru Originality, Visual Power & Style. (Millions of Viewings can be achieved at almost NO COST!)
Publicity -Music Industry (Many Angles), General Media Coverage, Viral Videos, Soundtrack and Commercial placement. (The Fact that this will be a "Secret Project" until it is Ready for a Prime-Time Presentation is already a Publicity Move.)

The Idea for the Gigland Plan is based on a meeting with George Martin in which he stated "For great records to be made, there must be a creative atmosphere established in which the artist can work. "We plan to record 100 Singles in a one year span making US the First and possibly the Only Act in Music History to do this… Top

Why Me to Head this Project?

I have been working as a professional musician and entertainer for 30 some years in some of the most challenging live band situations in the country, from Los Angeles Show Bands (The Zippers, Stinger) and Studio bands (Sound City, Seinfeld Pit Band) to Las Vegas Shows (Heroes of Rock-n-Roll / Country Tonight) to Broadway Shows (“HAIR”- European tour) to Disneyworld, Orlando. (I played both Paul McCartneyand John Lennon of the Beatles)

I have been a part of some very powerful live presentations and band situations. These acts have a common thread - they all require a higher level of talent and teamwork to come off properly. I spent 15 years (Over 10.000 performances) working hotels, lounges, casinos and showrooms in order to focus on writing and recording the 500 Original Song Catalog. This catalog is the crux of the plan as it is the Substance that glues all the other parts together.

Along with my Original catalog, I have honed my arranging abilities on the revamping of hundreds of cover songs in the process. I was even informally commissioned by Muzak Corporation to create a channel called the “Cover Kings” for that purpose. I went on to create The “Ultimate ShowBand” - RetroSpect with 100 remade Covers for our Shows.

As far as a vocalist and schooled musician, I began my formal training in Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Vocal/Performance Major and have been drawing on that knowledge all my life. As far as videos, I won the TOWER Records Music Video Award (National) for a video I shot in my living room. I’ve been shooting and editing videos for these songs for 2 decades now and have dozens of ideas for the shooting of the new ones.

The Links Below Each Image Tell the Whole Story...

Contact: GIGLAND | Daniel Sage / Producer | 512.348.6158 (Austin, TX) | Top