These are the First 100 Song Story Boards
(Visual Snap Shots - VSS for NFTs)
Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 512.633.7214
ABOUT US - A SYNC "One-Stop-Shop"
GIGLAND is the both ARTIST (A Virtual Band) and the BRAND for the Song Catalog. Daniel Sage has recorded nearly 500 Gigland Demos & has teamed up with a former Sync Supervisor, Composer & Producer Doug Beck to Master several renditions of each song chosen for Industry Sync Houses. (Doug Beck has Music on over a 100 Shows Worldwide – see Resume below)

GIGLAND BIZ PLAN (500 Original Songs, A Super Band & a Bold Plan)
What GIGLAND has that Most SYNC Artists don't – 500 Completed Original Songs, (All-in-One” Copyright & Publishing Ownership) Great Themes, and a Method to Produce Multiple Versions of Each Song ranging from POP, Rock & Disco to Acoustic Ballads.

The GIGLAND Catalog consists of Several Hundred Finished Song Demos "Story Board" Images & Metadata.
HOW WE will make our Money & pay back our Investor.  (NOTE: We can also place the Songs with Known Artists)
SYNC DEALS – TV Series, Films, Advertising, Games, Multiple Social Media Platforms, Web3 & Content Creators.

My BIO: I have been a Singer / Musician at Disney World, Universal Studios, Celebrity Cruise Lines, "HAIR" Broadway Musical (European Tour) & dozens of L.A. & Vegas Shows, Clubs & Lounges.  (Over 25,000 Live Performances)
I won a National Best Song contest, had a Billboard Magazine write up, songs on a Video Game that sold Millions and Toured much of the World because of my Musical Talent.  I attended Berklee College as a Vocal Major. Currently residing in Las Vegas, NV.

Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 512.633.7214