In Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs of All-Time - You can identify a certain Element
in most of these Amazing Titles. It's the “Magic Ingredient” to a Classic Song. The Power of  a THEME.

* A Successful Music Career Starts with Great Songs.
* Any GREAT SONG can be Made Even Better with Great Production.
* Any Great Song can be Molded into Your Own Unique Style.
* Our Function Is To Create HITS and Albums for Our Chosen Artists/Projects.

* We are Targeting Web Stars Unsigned & Signed Artists/Bands with Mass Social Media Followings.
  NOTE: There are around 16,000 YouTube channels out there having over 1 Million subscribers.
* Many have a LARGE Audience and Need Valuable Material/Songs to keep or Expand it.
  (These Chosen few Artists looking to Expand or Jump Start their Careers.)

The Goal is to Create a Cross Mix for a More Mature Musical Audience.
New Edition/Katy Perry Production + Elton John/Bruce Sprinsteen Lyrical Depth.


Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users. | YouTube – 2.291 Billion Active Users.
Instagram – 1.221 Billion Active Users.| TikTok – 689 Million Active Users.

* There are around 24,000 YouTube Channels with Over 1 MILLION Subscribers.
* Around 230,000 YouTube Channels have over 100,000 Subscribers.
* More than 40 YT Channels are hitting the 100,000 Subscribers every day.
* Around 4 YT Channels are hitting 1 Million Subscribers every day.
* Spotify had 44,000 Artists in 2020 with 100K active monthly Listeners. (Avg)
* SoundCloud hosts Music from over 25 Million Artists and Creators.
* Apple Music - 72 Million Subscribers.
---- GIGLAND BUSINESS PLAN Overview ----

   One SUPER BAND - Many Styles, Looks, Singers, Hooks, Multiple Versions, Video Excursions.

"Our PRODUCT is the SONG Itself."

1 Band, 500 "Unique" Original Songs and a Plan - to Produce 100 Pop & Rock "HIT Formula Masters"
- and then Place them with Unsigned Artists, Bands and Creators with Mass Followings,
- as well as Supervisors for Films, TV Series, Games, Metaverse & Web3 creations, NFTs etc...

We Believe a Thematic, Powerful, Well Produced Song with an Amazing Vocal is what SELLS any Song.

The Combined Sale of Bob Dylan, Bowie and Bruce Sprinsteen's Song Catalogs was nearly $1 Billion!
(One of our songs was covered by Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Kenny Rodgers and Cher.)



Any Time or Investment on your part will be recipracated by a SHARE of any Income generated by the GIGLAND Catalog or Individual Songs therein. (i.e direct involvment, Promotion of, Monetary investment, Contact sharing on our behalf that result in song placement etc...)


50 Individual SONGS - $1,000 Each - will Produce 250 Master Recordings.
Main Song Recording X 5 Differenet Styles or Moods - 50 songs X 5 different versions =
250 Individual Master recordings  to be shopped.

MAIN MASTER STYLES (Also Several Re-Mixes for each)

1. Pop or Dance Version (POP Producer/Singer version)
2. Rock Version (Live studio band)
3. R&B or Reggae version  (Live studio band)
4. Folk Country Rock Version (Live studio band)
5. Acoustic / Guitar - layered Vocal version (Live studio)
6. Piano and layered vocal version  (Live studio)


Our Funding will come from these Newly Produced, Many Styled, previuosly Unreleased "HIT Singles"
we'll shop to Dozens of Artists, Bands (Signed & Unsigned) and Art Creators with Mass Followings, as well as Supervisors for Films, TV Series, Games, Metaverse & Web3 creations, NFTs etc ... With this funding, Our Team of Producers & Singers will continue to re-work the Demos. These High Quality Production Samples and Hooks can also be used as Collaborations, Duets, Musical Art Pieces etc - for Social Media Creators.

We Own all Publishing/Mechanical Rights to this Material and will Combine our Vast Catalog
with Dozens of Musical and Visual Artists to make both Real World & Virtual Music Art.

Why INVEST in One Song/Album NFT -
When You Could INVEST in a SUPERBAND and a 500 Song Music Catalog?

My BIO: I have been a Singer / Musician at Disney World, Universal Studios, Celebrity Cruise Lines,
"HAIR" Broadway Musical (European Tour) & dozens of L.A. & Vegas Shows, Clubs & Lounges.
(Over 25,000 Live Performances) I won a National Best Song contest, had a Billborad Magazine write up,
songs on a Video Game that sold Millions and Toured much of the World because of my Musical Talent.
I attended Berklee College as a Vocal Major. Currently in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Formula is using a small TEAM of Producers, Singers & Musicians will record the Song in a variety of Styles.
(5-6 Versions at least) POP, Rock, Alternative, R&B, Reggae, Folk / Country Rock, Voice & Guitar or Piano.
The Finished SONG is then turned into a Concept Video with or without a featured Artist/Singer - to be added later.

We'll be following the Creative Process that Max Martin and Savan Kotecha used to write
over 100 HIT Songs for some 40 Mega Artists. Great Lyric Themes, Production & Tons of HOOKS.
Max Martin - Production Mashup (100 HIT Songs)  |  Savan Kotecha Channel - Many Hit Songs

We also recorded have Over a Hundred Cover Song Demos by Our Alter Ego The COVER KINGS.
(These will be part of Promotional Materials for the all the Artists we Supply)

GIGLAND'S 100 Greatest HITS.
Powerful Pop & Rock Songs for Artists throughout the Music World.

A few of Our First 100 "Song Story Board" Samples
(VSS = Visual Snap Shots)
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