Using the GIGLAND "Treatment" -  We'll Create over 100 Original Master Recordings for SYNC Usage.
(Our Main Producer is a former Music Supervisor with Music airing on some 100 Shows worldwide)

STEP #1 | Great Song + Great Production + Great Singer = SYNC Possibility.

STEP #2  | Distribute/Promote 5-10 Alternate Song Versions
(Pop, Dance, R&B, Rock, Acoustic etc) to SYNC Contacts in Film & TV, Advertising, Game Studios, NFT and Metaverse Music.

"GIGLAND - A VIRTUAL SUPER BAND and SYNC Factory" |"Our PRODUCT is the SONG Itself."
The Perfect SYNC Artist - Our Producer is a former Music Supervisor with Music airing on some 100 Shows worldwide.
(One of our songs was covered by Bob Dylan, Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Kenny Rodgers and Cher.)


WE ARE SEEKING SEED $ Funding To Record, Master and Sell over 100 Tracks  to Our SYNC Contacts in Film, TV, Advertising, Social Media & Content Creator Stars as well as Web3 and NFT Opps. Contact for more Details. (Below)

Our Income will come from placement of these Newly Produced, Many Styled, previuosly Unreleased "Mastered Singles" to Sync Supervisors for Films, TV Series, and Advertising, Games, Metaverse & Web3 creations, NFTs etc ... (Some pay as much as 50K for a single track) as as well as introducing them to dozens of Artists, Bands (Signed & Unsigned) and Art Creators with Massive Social Followings.

Why INVEST in One Song, Artist, Album, etc...When You Could INVEST in a SUPERBAND & a 500 Song Music Catalog?
500 Reasons to INVEST In the GIGLAND CATALOG and a NEW (Money Making) MUSICAL IDEA.

Daniel Sage - Writer / Producer | Las Vegas  | | 512.633.7214
GIGLAND "Treatment" (Alternate Renditions) - 1 Lead Vocal = Many Musical Styles
"All Wrong" - Alternate Styles HipHop | POP | Disco/House | Reggae | Rock/Soul | Punk | Ballad
Ballad Versions  REEL | Piano & Acoustic Guitar - 5 Songs - Listen HERE
("Love Can Save You, Natural, Comfort In A Friend, Natural, Honesty's Best, Tenderness)
GIGLAND'S 100 Greatest HITS.
Powerful Pop & Rock Songs for SYNC throughout the Music World.

These are the First 100 "Song Story Board" Samples
400 Visual Song "Story Boards" of Each Song - HERE  | Download The Entire Collection HERE
100 More GIGLAND Audio Song Samples HERE
Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 512.633.7214
Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 512.633.7214
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