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"Cover Me" Website (A Song Driven, Musical "Reality" Show) | Download PDF Version
The Beatles (Catalog) - Audio (Mp3) Samples

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Across The Universe - The Beatles

If I Needed Someone - Beatles

A Hard Day's Night - The Beatles

A Hard Day's Night (Unplugged) - The Beatles

In My Life - Beatles

All My Loving - The Beatles

I've Just Seen a Face - Beatles

Dear Prudence - The Beatles
Let It Be - Beatles
Drive My Car - The Beatles
Norwegian Wood - Beatles
Eight Days A Week - The Beatles
Nowhere Man - Beatles
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
From Me To You - The Beatles
Girl - The Beatles
Strawberry Fields (Unplugged) - Beatles
Help - The Beatles
Things We Said Today - Beatles
Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
We Can Work It Out - Beatles
Hey Jude - The Beatles
We Can Work It Out(Unplugged) - Beatles
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles
I Feel Fine - Beatles

With a little Help From My Friends - Beatles

If I Fell - Beatles Yesterday - Beatles

THE COVER KINGS is an Innovative New Approach to Pop Music. A Refreshing Surprise for the 21st Century Audience. Featuring Unique Arrangements of Pop and Rock Classics. Emulating what the Jazz Masters have done for Decade.

Contact:  Daniel Sage / Producer | 512.348.6158 (Austin, TX)

"Cover Me" - Website (A Song Driven "Reality" Experience)

A Positive Reality SHOW that demonstrates how by combining Great Music, New Technology and a Ton of Talent - You can make something Truly Magical... Top

Contact:  Daniel Sage / Producer | 512.348.6158 (Austin/Las Vegas)