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Sample Song One - "BE KIND" - Recorded in 10 Music Styles ...

BE KIND - (Chords & Melody stay the Same)

Am                                       C       D/F#                                F
In this life what you get - depends on you're looking for
Am                          C                            D                               F
If money's all that matters you're always wanting more
Am                         C                D/F#         F
But don't leave bodies stacked - piled high around your door
Am                                          F                              E7
Try to love your neighbor more you're not here to wage war, so

Am               C                  D                              F
Be Kind, Be Kind To everyone you'll find
Am                   C                      D/F#                    F
Being Kind, in time - Brings so much Peace of mind.
Am                          C                              D                  F
No karmic curse or bad luck blues or enemies to light your fuse
Am                        C              F                    E7
Anger makes you blind It's better to Be Kind ....

Am C D F ...
So Be Kind ...
Am C D/F# F
Just Be Kind ... etc....
"Be Kind"
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"Be Kind"
Style Sample 2
"Be Kind"
Style Sample 3
"Be Kind"
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