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See No Evil
Nuclear Fussion
Satan's Trial
Tax Audit
Bumper Cars
Sherlock Holmes on a Case
Dem Bones
Cro-Magnon Dinner Party
Asia Minor
Rapping With Peter Pan
Pee Wee Herman in The Emerald City
Stooge Polka
Chaplin Car Chase
Count Basies' Ghost
Sweating It Out
10 Very Cool Dudes Cruisin After School
Limbo Laugh
Dance Of The Jelly Fish
Prince Valiums' Peacable Kingdom
Drunk Jazz Combo
Rousing The Turks
Cowboy Bugs On A Roundup
Tale Of The Mad Minstrel
Chess Game Seduction
42 Minutes Into A Hitchcock Movie
Rush Hour Delusions
Gerbal Song
Diesel Fuel Demon
Raw Nerve
Congo Waltz
Bach on Acid
The Russians Aren't Coming
Gong Song
New Porche Motor
X- Mas Con-Fussion
Discotech Inferno
Hard Rock Rogue
Tribute To Hendrix




500 Compositions
Experimental Tracks, Instrumentals and Musicals


Can't Decide...
French Clowns
Poes Woes
Italian Indigestion
Road To Ruin
African Fugue
Down In The Cellar
Jazz Bass Lesson 1
Casing The 7-11
Tortured Melodies
Tribal Warfare
Circus Dogs
Pronouncing Sentence
Cajun Calypso
Trough The Looking Glass- Darkly
Space Pirate Boarding The Enterprise


Outside a Cuban Carnival
Rip Roaring Fun
The Iceman Cometh Down
Little People (Don't Step On Them)
Put Another Quarter In The Dream Machine
Fire Eater
The Organ Grind
Rainy Day Reminder
Yina Yanga
Widows Web
Adventures In The Haunted Forest
Zorro's Theme
Submarine Sea Battle
March Of The Stick Men
Just A Scratch
Book Worm Boogie
Rusted Romance
Don't Bossa Me
Gentlemens' Vices
Paris Bums
Sensible Sonata In A minor
Closing The Coffin

Daniel Sage@2013