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TITLE - Kiss Her Right
File Typle - Mp3
Lyrics  - Some Shown
BPM - 140
Duration - 3:06
Composer - Daniel K. Brown
(aka Daniel Sage)
IPI No - 1064205298 (ASCAP)
Publisher - Art Poems Music
IPI No. - 1064205100 (ASCAP)
ISWC No - T3087089296
Genre - Alternative Pop
Mood - Urgent and Hopeful
Multi-Track - Various Styles
Copyright Year - 2000

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Drivin' hard through the night,
I need a bigger engine.
Still miles away from the light,
Of your door.

The moon is actin' so strange,
Well maybe he knows something.
There's only on way to tell –
For sure…

And That Will Be, When I Kiss Her -
And I'll Kiss Her Right … I'll Kiss Her Right.

Yes I'll Know, When I Kiss Her -
If I Kiss Her Right … Kiss Her Right.

I'll Cast My Spell, When I Kiss Her –
And I'll Kiss Her Right…. Oh, I'll Kiss Her Right.

All Is Well When I Kiss Her –
If I Kiss Her Right,
If I Kiss Her Right - Tonight.

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Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 702.983.3170

Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | | | 702.983.3170
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