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Original Song Samples | Mp3s and Lyrics | by Daniel Sage

500 Original Songs - For Your Favorite ARTIST
"The SONG is The SOUL of Pop Music"
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New Acid Versions
New Acid Versions

After The War Listen to MP3 Visual Snapshot

Divorce had the final word...
Now the screams would stop for good.
Some people are not meant to be –
Together as a family.

But that doesn't make it any easier –

Dad was so angry...
After The War.
Mom never said much...
After The War
Dad just seemed so tired...
After The War.

Parents shelve a lot of dreams...
To give their children what they need.
I guess we only partly knew –
The hell the two of them went through....

But that doesn't make it any easier – etc....

Blame It On The Wine Listen to MP3 (top) Video Snapshot

Caught me on a bad night,
I must've been a real sight.
Naked in the moon light –
Blame It On The Wine.

That's my generation,
Not above temptation.
A thrill–seeking Nation –
Blame It On The Wine…

Bhudda Listen to MP3 (top) Video Snapshot

Bhudda mediates all day -
About a bone he hid away.
It's buried near the garden gate...

Bhudda, Bhudda,
Bhudda lives in his own world.
Bhudda, Bhudda,
Right there next to the lawnmower.

Bhudda chases down the squirrels,

Bhudda barks at all the girls,
And Bhudda loves to lick the bowl.

Bhudda, Bhudda,
Bhudda lives in his own world.
Bhudda, Bhudda, Bhudda
Right there behind the snow blower.
... etc....

Car Full Of Blues Listen to MP3 (top)

Car Full of Blues,
I drive to lose -
Lose sight of my heart.

Car full of Blues,
I'm gonna cruise -
If it takes all night.

I'm low on gas,
Too slow to pass -
In my Car Full of Blues.

And there'sno more room,
For any one -
Especially you... etc....

Come On Out and Play Listen to MP3 (top)

Two kid's steppin' on a vacant lot,
One eatin' ice cream, one throwin' rocks.
I see em' every day on my way to work,
I give 'em a wave- they're havin' so much fun.

Starin' out a window behind my desk,
At a playground covered in rowdiness.
Boys and girls who can't resist,
The freedom - of havin' all that fun...

While caught up a cluttered maze,
Of schedules and shrinking wages -
Above the noise sometimes I swear,
I hear my little brother say...

Come On Out, Come On Out,
Come On Out,
Come On Out and Play...

Crawl Listen to MP3 Video Snapshot

Louise shot down Superman.
Achilles heel wouldn't mend.
Even Hercules got beat,
by Hera’s cloud Elite –

That's when you have to Crawl –
Get humble and small.
It happens to us all –
Sometimes you have to Crawl...

The sky looks down and laughs…
You reached too high and you get slapped.
You just now felt the blow,
And found the ground below.
And then you have to Crawl – etc...

Do Yourself A Favor Listen to MP3 (top) Visual Snapshot

Write them all a note right now,
And Do Yourself A Favor.
Tell them that – you left the oven on,
And you might be back later.

We can sneak out the back door,
And Do Us Both A Favor.

Call me up – when you get home.
And Do Yourself A Favor.
Let me come around and be around,
And do us both a favor.

Do Yourself A Favor.
Do Yourself A Favor... etc....

Drive Away Listen to MP3 (top)

I felt the small town noose
The noose, the noose,
The noose since I was ten.

And I knew only a car
A car, A car,
Would bring freedom.

Drive, Drive Away,
Drive, Drive Away,
Drive into the sun...

Drive, Drive Away
Drive, Drive away,
Away from everyone... etc....

Full Of Suprises Listen to MP3 (top)

Do, do ,do ,do..
I like a day that's –
Full Of Surprises.
I like a job that's –
Never the same.

I like a girl that's –
Full Of Surprises
That keeps me up all night –
Playin’ her games...
Do, do, do,

I like when things come –
In all shapes and sizes.
I like when people –
Are different than me.. etc....

Clocks are steady,
Machines too and many –
Like it that way.

I want changes,
Lots of changes –
Hey, hey –
Don't you agree now?

I like a Life that's –
Full of Surprises.
I like a road with –
plenty of curves.

I like a Girl that's –
Full of Surprises.
But that girl gave me
So damn many it hurt....
Do, do, do...

Ginas' Good Advice Listen to MP3 (top)

Your Pastor said that guy -
Is not right for you.

Your Rabbi said that one -
Is selfish and cruel.

You should've listened girl,
Listened girl-
It's your own fault you know.

You should've listened girl

Listened girl - It's your own fault you know. etc....

Contact: Daniel Sage / Writer / Producer
Gigland Productions
512.633.7214 (Las Vegas)









More Sample Lyrics and MP3s

Happy Listen to MP3 (top)

Tried to make it good.
Tried to make it right.
Tried to make you Happy, Happy
Happy don't come overnight.

Tried to make the money.
Tried to make ends meet.
Tried to make you Happy, Happy
Happy did a quick retreat.

Tried to make you love me.
Tried to make you see.
That the only Happy, Happy
Happiness is you and me.

Work and slave and save,
And put it all away,
And hope someday,
The debts are paid.
And suddenly,
The blues will fade,
And you'll be saved,
For good,
That's if it doesn't drive you crazy... etc....

Legend of the Rock-N-Roll Clown Mp3

This is The Legend Of The Rock-n-Roll Clown
He's got no talent but that don't slow him down.

He looks so foolish as he's prancin' around
He makes more noise than anybody in town.

Go Clown...
Get Down...

Love Can Save You MP3 (top)

To find a sleeping beauty
You'll have to leave frog pond.
Among the fallen angels
There's one who sings your song.

She Sings-
Love Can Save You,
Love's what made you...
Love Can Save You-
Then You Can Save Me Too... :]

We're roving desperados
Black sheep to the man.
Lost in savage graceland
'Til we meet one of them. etc....

LOUD MP3 (top)

Hide in a whisper
Framed like a picture.
A deaf mute,
In a noisy world.

Discretion advises
Wear the disguises.
Til you're ready
To be heard.

Voice an opinion.
Learn to defend them.
Challenge the common view.

Volume increases,
Something's released.
And no one could stop you -

We like it LOUD,
Cause when you're LOUD -
Then you stand out. etc....

Made For Me Listen to MP3 (top)

Janet sells drinks in a bar –
But what was she made for?

Jacob sell shiny new cars –
But what was he made for?

Cindy paints cute little jars –
But what was she made for?

Well I do believe,
You were made for me…
I was hoping – You might agree,
That would just prove my whole theory.

You're Made for Me... etc....

Miss Babylon Listen to MP3 (top)

Miss Babylon,
I know what you're on...
You ain't foolin anyone babe.

You can't sit still,
So take another pill....
I'm sure you've got plenty of em'.

Oh Miss Babylon,
You'll talk til' the dawn...
As you drive the sun away.

MR. HYDE Listen to MP3 (top)

I feel a strange new force
Like a run away horse-
I realize you're in there - Mr. Hyde.

And when the angels speak
My alibis are weak -
I guess you've really got me - Mr. Hyde.

But Jekyll hasn't left yet - Mr. Hyde... etc....

You mine an evil vein
Trade all my gold for sin
I wish I'd never met you - Mr. Hyde...

Suspended in a dream
Of fantasy and fiend
What will it take to beat you - Mr. Hyde?

Can poor Jekyll defeat you - Mr. Hyde?

It's near the witching hour
The nights, they feed your power
I guess you think you'll get me now, Hyde...

Only the shadow knows
How long you'll have this hold
But you won't last forever - Mr. Hyde...

Though many will dismiss you...
No mortal can resist you...
I know I wouldn't miss you...
Mr. Hyde... Mr. Hyde

Mountain Listen to MP3 (top)

Not all posession's the same
Some are made better than yours
And after accumulation
You'll simply forget what they're for.

I see it out there on the streets
Every one's trading for more
We carry our jewels like defeats
And stack them all around the door...

Building with both hands raised
Higher than heads can gaze.
All necks are craning back
To view the Mountain....

And the Mountain fills your senses like a dream
And the Mountain is an Icon for the need-
And the Mountain stands above you like a God
Like a God. etc....

Myth Listen to MP3 (top)

You're never gonna write,
You're never gonna call,
You'll never think about me –
Cause sex means nothing!

You never lose or win,
You never feel a thing,
It was nothing but a fling – to you
Sex means nothing!

Let's Throw that Myth away!
Throw that Myth away!
Throw that Myth away!
Before you hurt someone you love... etc....

Natural Listen to MP3 (top)

The artificials’ move away…
Where ever you are they don't stay – long.
They're out of season,
You are the reason,
They whither up and blow away.

Your weapons are your grace and charm,
They need to put more makeup on.
There have no power,
Against such a flower,
And like honey bees to you we're drawn.

Your Beauty comes so Natural,
All the same, You wear it well –
Nature's golden girl. etc....

POWER Trip Listen to MP3 (top)

Brother, your old daddy,
Must've been a great dictator.
That would explain –
The Power Trip you're on.

I'll come back and see you then,
Perhaps a little later...
Call me when your Power Trip is done.

You plow away the wall flowers,
With the gale force of your tantrum…
I hate to think of what you're like at home.

You seem to think you own this rock,
And the rest of us are borders…
Well I'm not taking your shit anymore.
Any more...

Brother your dictatorship is based upon delusion,
Alert me when the PowerTtrip is done.
I feel sorry for those with a weaker constitution,
They crumble under power trips –
Like yours...


Daniel Sage | Writer | Producer
Gigland Productions | 512.633.7214 (Las Vegas)

Prince Valium Listen to MP3 (top)

Prince Valium,
Likes to sleep in very late.
Prince Valium,
Crawls into another day.
Prince Valium,
Has the best of everything.
Prince Valium,
He's the rich man's son...

Little boy does'nt have much to do.
He's gotten so used to that silver spoon.
Little boy does'nt know what to do,
To keep himself amused... etc....

Some Where in Your Mind MP3 (top)

I'm sure the party's
Never ending -
Somewhere In Your Mind.

The drinks are free,
And they're well blended -
Somewhere In Your Mind.

The garden's in bloom,
And it's well tended -
Somewhere In Your Mind

But out here babe,
We're hurting -
It's all so disconcerting
Hearts are broken,
Skin is smokin... etc....

The Sooner The Better MP3 (top)

Some they will be satisfied,
Others they will be denied,

And now I'm digging in the dirt,
I'm out a life - I'm out of work,
Not that you would give a damn.

But I've got a date with destiny,
The Sooner The Better.
I know it now - it's meant to be,
The Sooner The Better.... etc....

Storm MP3 (top)

Black clouds,
Storm is movin' in.
I smell - trouble on the wind.

There's little,
Anyone can do.
This Storm's - meant for me and you.

Bad Luck - didn't need an invitation,
We just opened up the door...

Black sky,
Storm is movin' in.
It blows - like a hurricane.

The World is Tired of Waiting Mp3 (top)

Within my heart,
Within my soul,
Within my blood,
There’s so much hesitation.

It's as though my feet
Refused to move-
And in my arms
I feel no animation.

But the World is Tired of Waiting...
The World is Tired of Waiting...
The World is Tired of Waiting...
The World is Tired... etc....

Tragedy Listen to MP3 (top)

I was up pretty late last night.
Had a few lines still left to write.
The work was slow,
but the mood was right, yeah.

There came a knock upon the door,
Like a Raven's beak, soft and slow,
Who could that be -
At this lonely hour?

She stood in the door like a centinal.
Serene, supreme and beautiful -
Said, "Aren't you even gonna ask me in, Fool?"

"It's been three years" - She said,"I know.
I said ,"You look wonderful."
She said, "Your maid must not be well..."

I slid a pile away from me, She sat herself down casually -
Said, "I see you're still writing your Tragedy..."

Well, At least for me - The Tragedy is over.
It's Over...

I'm wiser now, And yes, a little older - Older...
I came back just to let you know dear -
Know dear,

Life doesn't have to be - A Tragedy... etc....

Vanity Strikes Again Listen to MP3 (top)

So this is how it's gonna be then.
My face full of pie and you're leaving,
Your words tore a hole in my wall.
There was no hesitation at all...
No hesitation at all -
And so far to fall...

Brought down, shot down
Vanity Strikes Again.
Brought down, knocked down
Did'nt see it comin.
Brought down, shot down
Need a thicker skin-
Left myself open...Again.

I built my ego out of pieces.
You handed to me one at a time.
You needed to finish your thesis.
I needed to think you were mine.
I needed to think you were mine...
A beautiful lie-

Brought down, shot down
Vanity Strikes Again.
Brought down, knocked down
Did'nt see it comin.
Brought down, shot down
Need a thicker skin-
Left myself open...

Again and again and again.... etc....

WE FAIL ... Listen to MP3 (top)

We Fail Because we're weak.
We Fail Because we're srong.
We Fail Because we stop.
We Fail Because we wait too long....
We wait too long...

We Fail Because we're tired.
We Fail Because we're lost.
We Fail Because we push ourselves
To be the best...
We push ourselves -
Too far... Too far..

We Fail Because we love
We Fail Because we don't.
We Fail Because we're proud
And then because we won't - admit it...

Worry Listen to MP3 (top)

Everybody wonders,
Mamma don't ya see?
Ya cannot see the accident -
That's your destiny....

Everybody has some -
Questions for the day.
Maybe you'll get answers,
I don't know -either way.

Spent another Sacred hour-
Wearin' a hole in that chair...
Does it help?

You haven't heard a word,
The hours whittle on your nerves -
What's that sound?

You sit around and moan,
Listen for the tell-me-phone -
To ease your mind...

The looking glass is dark tonight,
And there's no pick me up, at all - around.

Worry, Yeah Worry,
I'd worry too if I was you...
Worry, Yeah Worry,
It's all that you can really do...

Worry, Yeah Worry,
Worry - That you might catch cold.
Worry - That your getting old.
Worry that the banks might fail,
Worry, Worry,Worry,Worry...

YOUR SUFFERING Listen to MP3 (top)

Any good fortune
Must be a lie.
It's only the Suffering
That makes any sense to you and I.

I see the problems
That cripple your life.
Leaving you suffering
And wanting to die....

You say you want meaning
You want something new.
And all of Your Suffering
Is that something you want too?

There's so many forces
Just keeping you down.
All part of Your Suffering
More thorns for a heavy crown...

Oh all of this suffering
And all of this pain-
Attack you in a vicious cycle
Over again and again and again... etc....