A NEW Kind of Record Label "We Supply Music ART to Musical ARTISTS"

Welcome to "GIGLAND RECORDS" &  "ART Poems MUSIC" Publishing.
* A Successful Music Career Starts with Great Songs.
* Any GREAT SONG can be Made Even Better with Great Production.
* Any Great Song can be Molded into Your Own Unique Style.
* Our Function Is To Create HITS and Albums for Our Chosen Clients.

These are some VISUAL SNAP SHOTS of Our 500 Original Songs for YOU to Choose from.
Click On Image Below to Read the Lyrics & Hear the Audio Files. (Acoustic Versions HERE)

Sample Albums (Click On An Image to Read Lyrics and Hear the Audio Files)
We'll Give You Dozens of Well Crafted
Original Songs to Make Your Very Own!

Ready To Push Your Music Career to a New LEVEL?
(It Starts with Great Original Songs)

About Us (How We are Different)
* We Specialize In Talented Artists That already have an Audience.
  (A LARGE Social Media Subsriber Base or Followers.)
* Artists that are fully and Succesfully Engaged in Promoting themselves.
* Artists who don't have an Original Music Catalog to draw from.
* Artists that don't want Mega Record Label Loans to pay back.
* Artists that want to Improve their Skills and Impact on the world.
* Artists that are willing to Share in their Financial growth.

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