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BENEFITS - 1. Minimal Operational Costs 2. No Expensive Artists to Sustain
3. 500 Finished Original Songs (ASCAP) 4. 30 AI Hybrid Vocal Artists (Avatars)
5. Hundreds of AI Music/Video Combinations 6. A Small Team & the Best AI Tools
7. SYNC Opps, Metaverse & Game Music etc... 8. Song Driven/Catalog Branding

This LABELS' Focus is on BETTER SONGS & ART Instead Of the Artist
SONG PRODUCTIONS – 500 Finished Audio Demos. (Lyrics, Chords, Melody) A Vocal rendition of each is available.
MULTIPLE RENDITIONS – To Be Several Variations of each song – POP, Rock, Country, Reggae, Hip Hop, EDM etc...
THE PRODUCERS – Paid to create the Song Masters (Recordings & Arrangements) using A.I. Tools & raw human talent.
THE SINGERS – A.I. Hybrid Creations 25-30 Male and Female. Unique Avatars Created for each around Voice and Style..
HYBRID VOCALISTS - A.I. Rendered - A Combination of many Exceptional Singers – All Unsigned and Unknown.
THE GRAPHICS – A.I. Rendered Song Graphics, Videos & Promo Materials to BRAND the GIGLAND “MusArt” releases.
THE VIDEOS – We'll create several Audio and Video Versions of each Song with different Hybrid Voices + Styles.
AI Rendered as Concept Driven or using AVATARS or Placing a chosen New Artist into the Finished Song Themed Videos.

Daniel Sage - Las Vegas | www.Gigland.com | Producer@Gigland.com | 702.983.3170
The Singers (Artist / Avatars)